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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Micheal Bay buys ponies!!

Hey everyone did you hear the news? Micheal bay is at it again, this time he's going to be focusing on ponies!!
                                                         What can I say Sex sells

More of this news after the break!!

Now We just got the news today about what happened to the show, but Hasbro has decided that Micheal Bay should direct a movie about their most viewed show as of right now, that's right the MLP franchise has finally been bought out by Mr Bay, he said that he took much consideration while casting the mane six and the background ponies, here is all the news we have so far.

Cameron Diaz - Twilight Sparkle
Shia Lebouf - Spike The Dragon
Christina Aguilera - Apple Jack
Emma Watson - Rarity (You know cause She's British!!)
Emma stone - Fluttershy
Megan Fox - Pinkie Pie
Stone cold Steve Austin - Big Macintosh
Betty white - Princess Celestia
Ashly Burch - Princess Luna

Thats all of the people we have right now but in an exclusive interview with Megan Fox, she had this to say.

 "When I heard That they we're going to make a movie about my little pony, I was super excited, I know that no one else was a big of a Pony fan as I was, I think I'll relate to pinkie pie the most sense she's the leader of the pony 6, I know that I'll have so much fun working with my childhood." -Megan Fox

Sadly That's all the news w have as of right now, but soon we'll get more details and you'll here it here first on PBK so stay tuned!!

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